Benefits Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring has become quite popular with many homeowners these days. That’s because of the numerous benefits offered by this material. Affordability, aesthetics, and durability are three of the major advantages of this material. Vinyl plank is designed to imitate hardwood. In fact, it comes in stripes and a number of styles with each style resembling a specific type of wood such as oak or hickory. This read offers information on the most important benefits of vinyl plank flooring.

Since vinyl plank resembles hardwood, you can easily find a style that matches the rest of your home’s architecture. Vinyl is a cost effective solution for a homeowner who is looking for a material like hardwood without the high material and installation costs associated with hardwood flooring. Vinyl wood flooring is considered a smart investment for any homeowner who wants to improve the aesthetics of his/her floor at an affordable cost. Here are some of the pros and cons of vinyl wood flooring materials.

Vinyl flooring is water resistant. Hence, it is considered a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is much better at sealing against water damage compared to hardwood and laminate. In fact, there are some vinyl flooring options that are 100% waterproof. On the other hand, vinyl plank could be directly installed on your subfloor which makes the process much quicker. In fact, you have to inspect the subfloor to see if it is in good condition before installing the vinyl on top of it. Vinyl plank doesn’t require a lot of effort to maintain the floor. It requires only routine cleaning to last for many years. The product is long lasting compared to most of the other flooring materials out there. You can sweep and mop the floor occasionally to make it look like new. Vinyl floors usually last for more than 20 years when installed properly and maintained properly. These are some of the important benefits of installing vinyl plank as the preferred flooring material in your home.

Vinyl flooring could be damaged if you drop a glass or move heavy furniture over it. That’s one of the major disadvantages of this flooring material. You should be cautious when rearranging the heavy furniture in your home due to this reason. Make sure you lift the piece of furniture before moving it.

The aforementioned read offers information on the benefits of vinyl plank floor materials.